Basin Modeling & Energy Assessment

TemisFlow, the basin modeling modeling solution from Beicip-Franlab

With a long-proven track record, TemisFlow® is the leading solution for basin modeling. It excels in assessing basin thermal and pressure regime and fluid migration processes. Identifying local drilling opportunities and quantifying the associated risks has never been so easy, thanks to its robust physics and versatility. TemisFlow® is the cornerstone tool for O&G industry and emerging energy such as geothermal, H2 or CCUS.

Main features

An evolutive software daily used by specialists in multidisciplinary projects

Geological Scenario Building

Step by step workflow to build your geological 1D, M1D, 2D or 3D model through geological time with easy tracking modifications and hypothesis.

World Class Modeling

Complete coupled description of the sedimentary model and lithosphere for advanced thermal modeling with McKenzie or user-defined approach.

Basin PVT Evolution

Fully coupled physic for Temperature, Pressure, Migration processes allows to assess geothermal, H2, oil & gas and CCUS resources and associated risks at any basin scale.

Flexibility And Robust Migration

Map-Based or advanced fully coupled PVT Darcy simulation for traps and drainage areas computation accounting for basin deformation history. Make your choice without any compromise to assess your next well.


Years of innovation







Multiple built in tools to help build, calibrate, and visualize results

Already defined inputs based on emperical data and Beicip-Franlab’s long experience. Post processing and calibration tools tailored for basin modelling.

  • Geochemical IFPen and BP libraries
  • Facies libraries
  • Automatic computation of surface temprature from paleobathymetry and paleogeographic database
  • Advanced Reporting tool
  • Automatic calibration (with CougarFlow)
  • Risk and sensitivity analysis (with CougarFlow)

Use cases

A strong integration tool

Versatile tool that allows better integration of geological data available to address exploration challenges in frontier and mature basin for new energies and O&G

Frontier And Mature Basin

Thermal maturity and volume in place for oil & gas resources are one of the core utilities of TemisFlow®. You can retrieve the best of your data to get your new opportunity.

Carbon Capture Storage

Ready solution to test injection scenario for your depleted field or saline aquifer. TemisFlow® provides all the needed tools and more at basin & field scale for your model.

Pore Pressure Prediction

Estimating the pore pressure is as easy peasy as computing thermicity. TemisFlow® can predict in 3D the mud weight your drillers need for well design.

Geothermal Energy Modeling

TemisFlow® is computing temperature and pressure in all basin of world since the 80’s. Why do you need to ask someone else when you could have the most advanced tool dedicated to your objective and access to world class specialist ? Just ask us.

Forward Strastigraphic Modeling

TemisFlow® can be coupled with DionisosFlow® to provide enhanced stratigraphy, facies, and environmental inputs for your basin models. The bridge is done through a tailored link with DionisosFlow® or to third party software like Petrel and or DSIS.

Risk And Sensitivity Analysis

Probabilistic approach for uncertainty and risk assessment is performed using CougarFlow®. Efficient and effective risk and sensitivity analysis can be  performed, with outstanding results for maps and wells. Your modelling has no more limit.

Public software webinars and videos

Empower your basin data with TemisFlow

Advanced capabilities used on over 600 projects in over 80 countries to tackle challenges with your basin data

Unified DataBase

Store all your wells and maps in a dedicated common place to build your geological model with different scenarios.

Support & Training

A world-class support and training provider, Beicip-Franlab is proud to share its technology and knowledge with all its clients worldwide. Our multidisciplinary teams with experts are ready to tackle your challenges.

Cluster & Local Configuration

Creating your geological model in a flight ? TemisFlow can be used on a laptop and you can perform your simulation. Need more power, TemisFlow can be used with dedicated machines on the cloud and cluster to perform very detailed models and simulations.

Tailored Developments

A need ? A specific functionality in the software ? Our software managers and their development teams are open to your suggestions. Do not hesitate to ask.