Multi-client projects and public atlases are a regular activity of Beicip-Franlab since the 70’s.

Some of our multi-client studies are freely available for download while others can be purchased. They can also be complemented with tailored workshops or additional studies.

Algerian Sahara basins petroleum synthesis

The most complete and updated petroleum synthesis of the Algerian Sahara basins.

This is the first study synthetizing the entire Algerian Sahara platform, summarized in an ArcGIS project. More than 1800 wells and 300 000 km of seismic.

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Exploration potential off the Coast of West Sarawak

A prospectivity atlas using the best integrative and innovative workflows.

This atlas of the deepwater domain of West Sarawak covers 160 000 km2 of studied area and uses 100 wells.

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Development and Exploration operatorship opportunity of Ivorian Margin

Up-to-date Ivorian Margin atlas after the important discoveries from the 2010 atlas.

This updated of the 2010 atlas includes the study of 137 wells and 160 000 km of seismic.

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Petroleum synthesis of Melrhir, Touggourt and North Berkine

The most comprehensive and updated petroleum synthesis of the region.

Comprehensive synthesis of the Algerian Paleozoic, Triassic and Cretaceous series of the region, with 21 GDE maps, 35 exploration risk maps and more.

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Nova Scotia Basin 2023 integration atlas

Up-to-date deep and detailed understanding of the Offshore Nova Scotia petroleum system behavior

Result of a close collaboration between Beicip-Franlab, NSDNRR and OERA, with the support of CNSOPB and other partners. A comprehensive new play fairway analysis of the deep-water sub-basins, offshore Nova Scotia. Freely available for download.

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Offshore Newfoundland & Labrador resource assessments

OilCo, the Department of Industry, Energy and Technology, and Beicip-Franlab released two independent O&G resource assessments in 2022.

Results showed a potential of 50.3 billion barrels of oil equivalent (P50 unrisked volumes) in the Eastern and the South-Eastern Newfoundland regions. Freely available for download.

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