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Our integrated software platform recognized worldwide to cover a large variety of needs of both Oil & Gas and Energy Transition.

OpenFlow Suite 2024 has been released!

The latest version of our software suite has been released and is available for download by all registered users.


The OpenFlow Suite is an extensive suite of software solutions designed to meet the geoscience demands of the energy industry for subsurface modeling technology.


Offering advanced capabilities for simulation, and analysis at both regional and local scales, this suite of innovative tools enables exploration and reservoir assessment teams to make informed decisions.


By leveraging high-resolution models and robust simulation workflows, the OpenFlow Suite allows for the safer development of conventional and non-conventional subsurface resources. Whether it is for oil and gas, geothermal energy, or carbon capture and underground storage (CCUS), OpenFlow Suite provides state of the art screening and derisking capabilities for a sustainable energy future 

Software details

Featuring a set of unique capabilities to perform complete modeling & simulation workflows at both regional and local scales, our Software Suite is the way for resources exploration, assessment and production teams to successfully tackle today’s Subsurface Energies challenges, benefiting from high-resolution reliable models which ultimately guarantee safer decision making.


Forward stratigraphic modeling to predict facies architecture in unexplored and mature areas.


Designed for structural restoration and basin modeling in complex geological settings.


A renowned excellence in basin modelling and petroleum system analysis.


Versatile well log analysis for geologists, petrophysicists, geophysicists and engineers.


The best-in-class software for seismic inversion and characterization.


The most advanced tool for characterization and modeling of natural fractures.


A new generation fluid flow simulator with rigorous physical formulations and high-performance computing.

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Optimization of reservoir and basin models, and analysis of the associated risks and uncertainties.

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Highly interactive package designed to build, tune and operate on EoS or Black Oil fluid models.

Software services

Cloud-based solutions

The OpenFlow Suite offers the flexibility to be deployed as a cloud-based solution, enabling enhanced collaboration, scalability, and accessibility to subsurface modeling and simulation.  

Training & Support

We offer comprehensive training courses tailored to various skill levels, ensuring that users can fully leverage the software‘s capabilities. Furthermore, we offer highly skilled support services to assist users in maximizing the software’s potential. 

Tailored development

To enhance your workflow’s productivity and build on our extensive experience in developing geoscience software, we offer tailored development services to customize our solutions to your internal needs and operations, and to develop independent software solutions based on your needs. 



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