Uncertainty Analysis – Assisted calibration

CougarFlow, the uncertainty analysis solution of Beicip-Franlab

The versatile package for understanding basin and reservoir models uncertainties, analyzing the associate risks, facilitator to obtain the best calibrated models.

Main features

An intuitive software providing uncertainty quantification and model optimization. 


Seemlessly linked to every OpenFlow Suite Software: DionisosFlow (forward stratigraphc modeling), TemisFlow (basin modeling), PumaFlow (reservoir modeling) , FracaFlow (fracture modeling) even common external softwares like Petrel or Eclipse

Response Surface

The model is replaced by an proxy based on the response surface using kriging methodology. Any analysis becomes probabilistic.

Sensitivity and Risk Analysis

A thorough screening on a given range of input parameters to understand their influence and quantifying the impact on key simulation outputs..


Assisted calibration to well data, through the creation of an objective function. 2 complementary methods to allow a fast improvement of the model calibration

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Years of innovation

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Multiple built in tools to grasp uncertainties through sensitivity and risk analysis and to help calibrate models

Combining experimental design and response surface methodologies, CougarFlow® is one of the few affordable solutions to reliably express model results in a probabilistic manner.

  • Seemless link to all software of the suite and additional external reservoir calculator​
  • Latin Hypercube Design generation​
  • Response possible on maps, grid results, along wells, on production results or objective function​
  • Response Surface technology​
  • Sensitivity analysis​
  • Risk analysis​
  • Assisted calibration​
  • History Matching​
  • Multi scenario analysis on maps

Use cases

Versatile tool to address challenges in understanding uncertainty in exploration and production

Versatile tool that can address challenges in exploration, production, near field, and new energies by enhancing your subsurface knowledge from sub-seismic reservoir scale to mega-sequences mega-basin scale


CougarFlow® encompasses the full range of intimately-coupled phenomena controlling hydrocarbon fluids occurrence in sedimentary basins, from the stratigraphic architecture and facies distribution up to the trapped hydrocarbon charge and quality


By integrating the whole set of uncertainties related to a reservoir study – from geological to engineering or even economical parameters -, CougarFlow® provides reservoir engineers with a better grasp of the key influential parameters of a reservoir study and allows for safer decision making at every stage of the field development.

Risk Analysis

Thanks to montercarlo sampling on the the response surface, uncertainty propagation can determine the range of potential values for the subject of study.

Sensitivity Analysis

Qualitative and quantitative sensity analysis helps to determine the most influential parameters, on a particular region or globally, on the subject of study. The interactions between parameters are taken into account.

Multi Scenario

It allows the uncertainty analysis to be done while considering any number of conceptual models.​The results of multi-response surfaces can be combined with a user defined weight to produce risk and probability maps.​Exploration usage only.

Assisted Calibration and History Matching

An optimization workflow has been developped to assist the user in their calibration or history matching to well data. Two complementay methods were developped, the gradient based method (local) and the probabilistic based method (global)

Public software webinars and videos

Unified Database

CougarFlow benefits from a unified database which allows users to work simultaneously and with all security on their projects and to seamlessly interact with other software on the OpenFlow platform.

Support and training

Beicip-Franlab offers comprehensive training courses tailored to various skill levels, ensuring that users can fully leverage the software’s capabilities. ​Additionally, Beicip-Franlab prides itself on offering professional and highly skilled support services to assist users in maximizing the suite’s potential.

Cluster and local configuration

OpenFlow offers the possibility to run on cluster or in local configuration, allowing CougarFlow to benefit from cluster computing power but also from the flexibility of local computing.

Tailored developments

Building on Beicip-Franlab’s long experience in geoscience software development we offer tailored software development in relation to our technology or independent.