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We provide a full range of advisory services for all subsurface energies :

Oil & Gas

Deep Geothermal


Natural Hydrogen

Our offer

Our tailored consulting services include integrated studies, specialized studies, technical assistance, advisory services, expert opinions and on-the-job training services.

With almost 60 years of experience worldwide, our methodologies offer tailored solutions that optimally match the objectives of our customers and their operational constrains. All our studies benefits of the widely recognized experience of our consultants. In addition, we use our high-tech software to provide most effective solution​.

Integrated studies

Our superior integrated multidisciplinary approach allows a seamless blending of expertise from various domains and the delivery of comprehensive solutions.

Specialized studies​

Expertise, technology and innovation are the cornerstones that ensure cutting-edge, tailored workflows and optimal results.

Our expertise

Our expertise spans over a wide area of disciplines for all subsurface energies (oil & gas, geothermal, carbon storage, hydrogen, etc.)​.

Exploration studies

Beicip-Franlab is the partner of choice for regional evaluation studies. Our exploration teams master each of the different individual disciplines of our integrated advanced approach for subsurface exploration projects.

Development & Production optimization

Multi-disciplinary integration (geophysics, geology, reservoir and production engineering) is the key to successfully understand the subsurface and to provide the right insights to optimize field development.

Economical & Contractual advisory

We perform economic studies to support the investment decision process for corporate management and governmental authorities.​ We have expertise in legislation, taxation and contracts: economic analysis, drafting, implementation and modeling.

Asset evaluation & Reserves certification

We provide consultancy and advisory services in Asset evaluation, Reserves estimation, Certification and Unitization. Our specialists provide various Expert Opinions for diversified assets portfolios.

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Whatever your needs

Our specialists will propose a tailored, robust, highly effective solution and will deliver results in timely manner.

Worldwide experience

The key to success is our worldwide experience and our unique capability to integrate a large variety of disciplines and expertise, each one being mastered at the best international level.

Tailored consulting services

Our services are available as fully integrated studies, specialized studies, technical assistance, advisory services, expert opinions and on-the-job training services.

More than 150 highly qualified specialists

With more than 100 projects every year, Beicip-Franlab is recognized for its experience in fully integrated studies, with multidisciplinary teams working together to tackle the largest range of challenges.


A leading energy consultancy and software editor.

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Technology solutions for subsurface modeling and simulation.

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Atlases and multi-client studies across the globe.

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