Stratigraphic Modeling

DionisosFlow, the forward stratigraphic modeling solution of Beicip-Franlab

The leading industrial package for generating 4D forward stratigraphic models, simulating sedimentary processes to predict subsurface sedimentological and stratigraphic architecture at basin and reservoir scales.

Main features

A process-based approach to simulate sedimentary architecture and facies distribution with user friendly model building and post-processing workflows.


Production, transport, and erosion of multiple carbonate sediments in all marine and lacustrine environments controlled by sea/lake level, wave energy, slope , substratum, and other environmental constraints.


A source to sink approach to clastic depositional systems, taking into account sediment sources, fluvial discharge, sediments type (sand, silt, clay…), transport processes, and many other forcing factors.

Organic Matter

Production, transport, and preservation of marine, lacustrine, and terrestrial organic matter conrolled by nutrient supply, basin physiography and sedimentation rates to provide a quantification of source rocks properties.

Mixed Environment

Interaction of carbonate, clastic, and organic matter systems in one model, providing a realistic reproduction of sedimentary systems and their complexities


years of innovation







Multiple tools to help build, calibrate, and visualize results

Pre processing tools built to help parameterize input based on emperical data and Beicip-Franlab’s long experience, as well as post processing and calibration tools tailored for forward stratigraphic modeling.

  • Built in carbonate production curves
  • Transport parameters calculator
  • Calibration indicators
  • Automatic calibration (with CougarFlow®)
  • Risk and sensitivity analysis (with CougarFlow®)
  • Synthetic seismic generation
  • Reservoir grid generation

Frontier basin

Process based forward stratigraphic modelling provides a reliable representation of a sedimentary basin fill and thereby key elements such as source rocks, reservoirs, and seals even in the absence of enough data

Mature basin

Integrating multidisciplinary data in a process based model provides a 4D detailed facies model that can resolve sub-seismic stratigraphic traps, source rock properties in kitchen areas, hiatuses, primary diagenetic alterations…

Field and reservoir

Resolving complex stratigraphic features (lobes, fans, clinoforms, hard grounds, subareal exposures…) having substantial impact on fluid flow yet very challenging to resolve in traditional reservoir modelling workflows.

Seamless link to basin modelling

Providing enhanced stratigraphy, facies, and environmental input to basin models through a seamless tailored link with TemisFlow® or to third party software through a Petrel and a DSIS link.


Seamless link to risk and sensitivity analysis

With CougarFlow®’s innovative proxy modelling approach, efficient and effective risk and sensitivity analysis can be seamlessly performed, with results generated in a multitude of forms including maps and well trajectories.


Automatic Calibration

Using CougarFlow®’s innovative proxy modelling approach and objective functions, an optimization workflow has been developped to assist the user in their calibration to well data.


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