Single engine – fully compositional – dual medium – chemical EOR – with advanced thermal and geomechanics

PumaFlow, the dynamic flow simulator from Beicip-Franlab

A sophisticated fully compositional reservoir simulator using a single computational engine to handle a variety of hydrocarbon or geothermal development strategies. The software offers comprehensive options for modelling the fluid flow within dual medium reservoirs with advanced chemical and thermal EOR, geothermal and geomechanics options.

Main features

The result of over 60 years of research & development and expertise to bring subsurface resources to production figures

Fully compositional

Adopted for precise phase behavior modeling, optimised miscible gas injection recovery process,
detailed fluid composition analysis for surface treatment, and for customized production strategies for varying compositions

Dual medium

Designed for accurate modeling of fractured reservoirs, enhanced prediction of fluid flow in dual medium systems, improved management of naturally fractured reservoirs to optimized hydrocarbon or heat recovery

Chemical EOR

Built for advance modeling of chemical interactions with reservoir fluid and rocks, optimized surfactant and polymer flooding, enhanced oil recovery from wettability alteration, and pilot of field design of chemical injection strategies

Thermal EOR and geomecanics

Designed for accurate modeling of heat transfer and fluid flow inside the reservoir and wellbore, steam and thermal EOR, prediction of temperature effects on the process efficiency, including the prediction of subsidence and compaction


Years of innovation







With a user-friendly interface, most reservoir engineering data are easily imported and visualised

Well data

  • Well trajectories and completions including ICD
  • Well events
  • Production log data
  • PVT data with a fully
  • integrated PVT modelling package
  • Relative permeability data
  • Horizons, fault polygon and lineaments

Reservoir grid

  • 3D grid with statistical, map, and multi cross-plots viewers
  • Radial grid and sector grid extraction
  • Radial grid and sector grid extraction
  • Automated grid construction for near wellbore analysis
  • 3D Grid refinement with variable cell dimensions in all directions
  • Grid property remapping

Advanced FDP options

  • Remedial operation library with surface facility chain
  • Numerical aquifer, overburden and gas adsorption models
  • Sector model construction including flux (windowing option)
  • Interactive models for salinity variation, alkaline, surfactant, polymer, foam and both passive and chemical tracers

Use cases

A strong impact on all your studies

Extracting insights from seismic data to achieve your objectives and enrich your subsurface knowledge : Exploration / Production / Near Field / New Energies

Design the secondary recovery

Boost your reservoir’s natural energy with water or gas injection. Access advanced compaction and aquifer options, pressure maintenance, and voidage replacement easily.

Maximise the production

Easily set up and simulate tertiary recovery techniques like miscible gas injection, chemical, or thermal EOR to guide your field development plan

Geothermal simulations

PumaFlow, with its powerful heat transfer calculations from underground to surface facilities, is designed for geothermal production challenges.

Advanced Kr-Pc design

An interactive design for capillary pressure and relative permeability, featuring drainage and imbibition, hysteresis, miscibility, interfacial tension, J-function, and both static and dynamic endpoints.

Fully interactive PVT modelling

Is your CO2 miscible with oil at the current reservoir pressure? With or without lab data, the PVT package helps characterize your hydrocarbon mixture and water properties at different pressure and temperature conditions.

Dual medium and mixed energy

With best-in-class fracture modeling and simulation, you can understand and represent fracture-matrix exchange and the impact of a dual medium on fluid flow and production from hydrocarbon or deep geothermal reservoirs.

A fluid flow simulator for a Mixed Energy era


PumaFlow simulates the CO2 injection into depleted reservoirs for storage purposes. It can be used to assess the impact of CO2 injection on the oil recovery. Its specialised PVT option handles CO2 interaction with oil without requiring compositional PVT data.


PumaFlow simulates recoverable heat energy from mature oilfields’ water production for retrofitting purposes. Its advanced dual medium option makes it ideal for deep geothermal simulations, addressing heat energy recovery and inherent uncertainties.